Wednesday, May 7th — friends and a fantastic meal

The weather forecast said rain and clouds, which is how the day started out. We were up early and puttered around the mas.

David ran the gamut of his cooking skills by making oeufs dur (hardboiled eggs) and croutons, both of which will find their way into a dinner salad in the coming days. We also have shrimp, lardon fumé (smoked bacon), and jambon a l’os (ham cooked on the bone) to add to the salad, along with some cheeses. Simple, light meals like that at night are all we need.

We had made lunch reservations at Potager du Mas (garden of the farm) just down the road in Orgon, and would be introducing it to the folks we met the other day – Ari, Yvonne, and Andrea – as an example of Provençal cuisine at its best. Everything but the meats and fish comes from the garden, so is incredibly good and fresh. We arrived a bit early and greeted Franck, the manager/owner. A short bit to catch up on all that was new, then one of their fresh strawberry and Champagne aperitifs while waiting. Our friends showed up and were clearly taken with the property, which is understandable. They joined us in the cocktails and we toasted new friends. The menu continues to be focused and superb. David started off with fresh green asparagus with crispy prosciutto and a farm egg. It wasn’t smothered in a heavy sauce, using the egg as the accent to the asparagus, absolutely perfect. I chose the Bufalo mozz with a fresh salad, also right on target, For the main course, I went with the veal, and David the Turbot.  All of the other dishes were, likewise, superbly done and presented. David chose a crisp rosé from Valdition, which was perfect with all of the courses.

Our lunch was filled with stories, getting to know each other, and toasts to new friends. Delightful people, who we will no doubt see when we get home. David bought a few things from the larder, olive oil and tapenades from their groves, and an intriguing mustard made with local truffles and black pepper – can’t wait to try it. With farewells to our friends, and promises to Franck to return soon and often, we headed back to the mas.

During the short drive home, our favorite radio station – Nostalgie (102.8, if you come here) – played an endless stream of Aznavour dirges instead of the more usual upbeat classic rock songs. By the time we got to the mas we felt like burning the crops and hoping for an early and severe winter. I caught up on editing and titling photos, and then it was time to head to Orgon to the Auto Musée/Bar that Patrick had invited us to for wine. They have a nice collection of old French cars, and motorcycles of all descriptions, and a spacious bar with a stage for live music. We sat on a terrace outside in the shade and talked through several carafes of rosé. Turns out this is the place that Guy, the property manager for the mas, had told David might be interested in having the Pineapples come and play. Given the logistics and expense involved, it will probably never happen, but in our mind’s eye we could see everyone dancing and singing along…

After too much wine, we headed back to the mas. Neither of us was hungry, so we just snacked on a little Comté (cheese) and then turned in. Tomorrow is a holiday, so we have no idea what will be open or closed, but we have no pressing needs, so are not concerned. We’ll be off to Les Baux in mid-afternoon to see our friends Christine, Philippe, and Jean-Pierre, and are looking forward to that.


2 Responses to Wednesday, May 7th — friends and a fantastic meal

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Sounds wonderful!

  2. davidgideon1234 says:

    The food at Potager du Mas is spectacular. The best dining around.

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