Thursday May 15, 2014 — lunch at Potager du Mas and an evening with neighbors

We decided to return to Mas de la Rose after dialysis and have lunch at le Potager du Mas. It was a bright day, with temperatures easing upwards, but still a bit too chilly to sit outdoors for lunch, so – after a greeting from Franck – we sat down at a table inside.

While chatting with Franck we had one of his Champagne and fresh strawberry cocktails, which are delightful. In addition to the menu, daily specials included a Spring salad with shrimps and cream of avocado, and fresh cabillaud (cod). We both opted for the specials, and David ordered a bottle of Vallongue rosé to accompany them. The fresh radishes and tapenade made for a zesty snack while we finished our cocktails.

The Spring salad was wonderful, with all the ingredients (except the shrimp) fresh from the garden that morning. The eye-appeal was matched by the taste. With the vinegar in the salad, we held off on the wine until we were done. On tasting it, we decided it was alright, but not one of our favorites (a bit too much earthiness.) The cod was another delight, moist and flaky, with more fresh vegetables as an accompaniment. While we are not dessert eaters, Franck insisted we try a specialty he called “strawberry soup.” It consisted of fresh strawberries covered in a spiced simple syrup, topped with a scoop of ice cream. Despite our usual aversion to desserts, every speck disappeared.

Our lunch confirmed out opinion that Potager du Mas easily has the best food in the area, and with its beautiful setting, it is just a matter of time before it becomes a dining destination in the region.

We said farewell to Franck, promising to come back one more time before our departure next week, and headed down the road. As we got home, David got a call from our friend Philippe, following up on plans to get together for dinner. We agreed to meet Sunday night at the new spot in Mausanne, FD2, and after that for a dinner at the Mas on Tuesday. Philippe said that our neighbors Lisa and Bill LaPato had just arrived and were settling in to the apartment. As we knew they would be tired from the trek from Paris, we let them be and turned to getting some chores done around the mas.

To our surprise, a Viber message came in around 6 pm from Lisa saying they wanted to get together that evening. While the wind was still blowing pretty hard, we figured the easiest would be to meets them in the square in Mausanne, and sent a Viber message that we would be there in 30 minutes. Despite the wind, we joined a few other hardy folks  and sat at a table in the square, waiting for Bill and Lisa. In short order we spotted them walking up the sidewalk, but they didn’t see us. I ran over and yelled for them, and they came and joined us for some wine. They hadn’t gotten the Viber message, and had come into Mausanne to pick up some food for their apartment. It was just a coincidence that we met. As the wind picked up, and the temperature dropped, we went into the Café la Fontaine to warm up and have a light meal. Their trip to date had been wonderful, and they were looking forward to time in Provence. They went back to their apartment and we wound our way  over the Alpilles and back to the Mas.

Tomorrow is market day.







One Response to Thursday May 15, 2014 — lunch at Potager du Mas and an evening with neighbors

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Can you post pictures???? Would love to see market day!!!!

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