Tuesday May 20, 2014- big bash at the mas

After dropping me off in Salon, David went to the boucherie in Eygalières and bought two kilos (about 4.5 lbs) of cote du boeuf. It was cut into two thick steaks, perfect for grilling. He put them in the fridge, and in short order was back in Salon to pick me up.

We headed back to the mas to get everything organized and underway for the dinner tonight with our Boca neighbors Bill and Lisa LaPato, and dear friends Christine and Philippe Theme. First, a stop at the boulangerie in Orgon where we got two baguettes, two sacrasatain (breakfast pastry), and a delicious chocolate cake for dessert. While we were there, we ran into Franck from Potager du Mas, there to pick up the day’s baguettes. We chatted a bit and confirmed we would be dropping by the next day for lunch.

Back to the mas to put the cake in the fridge, then off to Mas du Capoun to have lunch and say goodbye until October. The place was packed, as always, Michelle greeted us as we arrived and we proceeded to enjoy another delightful lunch. We left to get back to the mas, promising Michelle we would see her in October and renewing our invitation to come see us when they come to South Florida.

There was a lot to do to get ready for dinner, so we pitched in. I peeled carrots and David peeled the potatoes. Two down. Then David prepped and par-boiled the asparagus. Later he would wrap bundles with some San Daniele prosciutto and put them under the broiler to finish them. Next was the salad, which required only washing the lettuce, etc. Done. All that was left now was finishing touches on the table.

Bill and Lisa arrived, bringing a bottle of Pommery Champagne, which we put in the fridge. Philippe arrived a few minutes later, but without Christine and Fred. He explained that Christine was suffering from a fever and – sadly – had decided it best to stay home. Fred remained at home to take care of her. We were sad that she was unable to come, as we had been looking forward to hosting her at the mas.

David put out some slices of saucisson with Roquefort, which rapidly disappeared. He opened a bottle of a delicious premier cru Chablis that he had found at the local wine cave, and the evening was off. Between trips to the kitchen to get the carrots and potatoes rolling, we finished off the Chablis and moved on to the Pommery, always a delight. Philippe put the steaks out to come to room temperature and heated the grille, while the balance of us took care of the rest of the meal.

We started with a fresh salad with homemade Green Goddess salad dressing, then cleared the table off and moved to the kitchen to watch Philippe practice his magic on the grille. The steaks went on, were turned, and turned again. Philippe tested the “doneness” with his thumb, and proclaimed them ready to rest for 10 minutes before slicing. We finished the mashed potatoes, carrots, and asparagus, while Lisa handled the garlic bread.

Philippe sliced the steaks, done perfectly, and we put out the rest of the meal. Philippe had opened the bottle of 2000 Fonsallette he had brought earlier to let it breathe, and now poured it. Marvelous. Plates were filled and served, and, with much lighter, we enjoyed a wonderful meal, home cooked – with much help – in our mas. We only regretted that Christine could not have enjoyed this wonderful evening with us…next time.

We lingered over dessert, then everyone pitched in and we polished off most of the dishes. The rest can wait until tomorrow.

Lisa, Bill, and Philippe got in their cars to make the trek back to Les Baux, and we turned in, full and happy.





One Response to Tuesday May 20, 2014- big bash at the mas

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    You are making me hungry!!!!! Good food, good wine and good company thats so special!

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