Sunday, October 5, 2014 – A festival in Eygalieres

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2014 – We saw signs yesterday announcing that the main street of Eygalières would be closed from 0600 until 2000 for the Festival of Ste. Therese, so meandered into town to see what was happening.

Parking wasn’t bad, so we strolled up the street to the round about in the center of town. The main street was filled with stalls showcasing traditional crafts – lace making, honey, leather working, and more. We stopped at one stall that was selling olives and olive oils, as they had Moulin St. Michel, a wonderful oil from the nearby village of Mouries. Every time we stop at the mill stsore in Mouries to buy it, we find it closed, so used this occasion to buy a 1/2 liter of the oil and a jar of Olives Casées (broken olives). These are olives from the first harvesting that are cracked or otherwise broken, so not up to par for normal bottling. They are put in a brine with herbs, such as fennel, and sold separately. We thought they would be a nice appetizer when folks come to visit.

We strolled about for a bit, checking out all the booths, then took a seat at Café du Centre to relax for a bit. Suddenly, a nun appeared, dressed in what can only be described as “Flying Nun” regalia. She stopped at the table across from us and began setting it up for the folks who were helping out that day. In due course, the air was full of talking and laughter. The weather was glorious, and everyone was having a great time.

We knew from past years, that the afternoon would be filled with mini parades of horse-drawn wagons, old cars, and marchers in period dress, but decided that we would head to Maussane, one of our favorite villages, for lunch in one of the cafés in the town square. The day remained glorious, and we found a parking space close by, a rarity, so strolled into the square ands took a table at the Café de la Fontaine, best known for having a statue of a large blue cow on its roof. I had entrecote, and David tartare de boeuf, with a bottle of Mas St Berthe rosé as our vegetable. We took our time and enjoyed a slow, relaxing meal, before winding our way back over the Alpilles (mini-Alps) to our mas.

With the weather remaining spectacular, we opted to sit outside on the patio at the mas. David brought out a bottle of Chateau d’Estoublon rosé and some cheese, and hooked up the tiny Jambox wireless speaker to some music on our computer. Patrick joined us, and the three of us sat until late sharing stories and laughs until the sun disappeared and we called It a day.

Tomorrow the weather promises to turn cold and cloudy, but today was an idyllic day in Provence.


One Response to Sunday, October 5, 2014 – A festival in Eygalieres

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Love reading about your travels home to Provence. Don’t forget to look up our friend Susie and Paul Segal.

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