Tuesday, October 7, 2014 — Errands

Tuesday is a dialysis day, which takes up most of the morning, so sometimes we devote the rest of the day to shopping, errands, and tidying up our home in Provence. Today turned out to be such a day.

After some late morning chores, we headed into Eygalières for a bite of lunch, planning on seeing Alex at l’Aubergine. As we approached, we saw that the gate was closed, and the lights out, so we headed off to Sous les Micocouloirs, which is always open at lunch.

We got a cordial greeting and were seated in the newly refurbished garden dining room, which features lots of glass, soft colors, and a nice ambience.

We ordered kirs while perusing the menu, and relaxed for a bit before deciding what to order. Not being terribly hungry, I opted for a roast lobster, with no starter. David went with the Matisse menu – a plate of small appetizers with stuffed tomato, pumpkin mousse, mushroom tempura, and a small salad – followed by the daurade (sea bream), and a small plate of chevre for dessert. David picked a Domaine Valdition Vallon des Anges rosé to go with the meal, which was delectable.

The meal and service were a delight, and –with little else to do – we took our time and enjoye3d a good part of the afternoon with our lunch.

Afterwards, David dropped me off at the mas to work on loading my latest batch of photos, and took off on some errands. His major accomplishments was getting a six-pack of the Valdition Vallon des Anges from the vineyard just down the street. An absolutely wonderful wine, especially for just 12 Euros a bottle.

The rest of the day was spent straightening up the mas in anticipation of David’s daughter’s arrival on Friday, then down to Café du Centre for our evening’s social life. Not being terribly hungry, I made a salad from our fresh lettuces, radicchio, red pepper, and tomato, to which David added some pieces of Emmenthal cheese and an avocado. I whipped up a dressing from olive oil and vinegar, with Amora mustard, garlic, and shallots. We ate it all, so it must have been okay.

Tomorrow will be a more active day.




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