Thursday, October 9, 2014 — Lazy day in Molleges

Today was a quiet day.

After dialysis, we headed for the small village of Molleges, just down the road from the mas. Our friends Michael and Michelle Roumain and family fled the cold of Belgium to move here some years ago to start a small inn and restaurant that draws locals year-round for their wonderful prix fixe three-course lunch. In addition to terrific food, the luncheon menu is only a bit over 20 Euros per person, including two glasses of wine.

We got there a bit ahead of the crowd (which normally arrives at 1) and were warmly greeted by Michelle. In short order, the usual crowd showed up and was seated in the outdoor dining area. Lots of local French, a few Americans, and four Brits who demanded a specific table and were rewarded by being told that their table was inside the main building. Michelle smiled at us as she passed by with them, leading to their table in exile — she does not suffer fools or arrogance well. We felt like applauding.

Our social needs fulfilled, we turned to the menu and found two choices each for the starter and main course. I had a vegetable ravioli and farm chicken, David had smoked salmon and Daurade. Everything was wonderful, as always, including the desserts that ended our meal.

After relaxing a bit, we bade farewell to Michelle, promising to try to get back again before leaving, and went back to the mas to get our shopping list in order for our trip to St. Remy. I needed a Pyrex measuring cup and measuring spoons, having found that the ones we bought for the mas a while back had disappeared. There is a wonderful store for cooking accessories in St. Remy, and I was sure I could find all I needed there.

We pulled into the cramped parking lot and strolled inside. The selection was top levels, sort of like a Williams Sonoma in Provence…le Creuset, Wusthoff…all good stuff. I strolled around looking at all the nice wares, but focused in to just the items I needed.

Next stop was Joël Durand, one of the premiere chocolatiers in France who is based in St. Remy. I normally give the dialysis staff and my fellow patients a farewell gift  each time I leave, so picked an assortment of chocolates for them.

There is a new wine bar adjacent to Durand, so we decided to give it a try. A very impressive selection and good prices. David chose the Romanin rosé and we relaxed for a bit people watching and enjoying the warm sunshine.

Then it was back to the mas, a light dinner salad, and to bed.

Anne & Jay arrive tomorrow and there is much to do.



One Response to Thursday, October 9, 2014 — Lazy day in Molleges

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Hi to Anne and Jay from us! Hugs

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