Saturday, October 11, 2014 — Mas de la Rose enthralls

We planned to go to Mas de la Rose this day for lunch and to see our friend Franck Reveniault, the director/manager. We received a last-minute email from him that something had come up and he would miss us, but all was set for lunch. Mas de la Rose is a beautiful Provençal estate, a large mas, pool with white sand beach, and acres of grounds planted with gardens, trees, and swaths of carefully tended lawns. Le Potager du Mas (garden of the mas) is the superb restaurant that opened a few years ago on the grounds. The food is superb, easily one of the best in the region.

Anne & Jay decided to join us, and we hopped in our cars and headed down the road a bit after noon. The entrance road to this idyllic spot continues to be a puzzlement, as its bumps, ruts, and gravel are in stark contrast to the manicured grounds. In any event, we navigated our way to and through the gates and parked next to the garden. There was an abundance of plants in various stages of yielding fruits and vegetables – eggplant, squash, lettuces, peppers, etc. As the produce of these gardens is used in the food, the dishes couldn’t be fresher.

Philippe, the maître d’hôtel, greeted us as we walked up to the covered patio, and offered us our choice of tables. As the day was sunny and warm, we chose one that offered sunlight, and began our meal with the usual kirs. The daily menu offered some interesting specials, including rabbit and rouget, a red mullet. After perusing for a bit, we made our selections and relaxed. As always, the food was superb, fresh, filled with flavor, and a treat for the eyes. A bottle of local rosé was a good accompaniment to the dishes, and café noir a nice way to the end the meal. Anne opted for chocolate soup for dessert, and all of us helped out with finishing it off.

Bidding farewell to Philippe, we headed back to the mas while Anne & Jay headed to St. Remy to explore and shop. They agreed that we would meet later at Café du Centre.

Around 5ish David and I headed into Eygalières, and saw Anne & Jay already seated at a table. David parked the car and we joined them, our usual carafe of vin blanc automatically appearing. Anne & Jay ordered a carafe of rosé, but were told what we thought was that it was not available by the carafe. After a bout of translation misunderstandings, we realized that what the waitress was saying was that the Café only has one carafe. Naturally, this would become a source of laughter for days to come. We struggled by with one carafe, filling and emptying it several times before heading home. Still full from lunch, dinner consisted of a light snack – sausages, cheese, baguette, etc.

We turned in fairly early, ,as tomorrow we plan to go to the Market in Isle sue la Sorgue.


2 Responses to Saturday, October 11, 2014 — Mas de la Rose enthralls

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    All sounds wonderful! Hi to Anne and Jay! Hugs

  2. Betty says:

    Happy Birthday dear Beverly, glad you are enjoying being in your favorite place. with love and best wishes, Betty and Jack

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