Wednesday, October 15, 2014 — last day in Provence, and the Auto Museum

After breakfasting on some leftover dessert pastries, Anne and Jay headed off to explore Les Baux de Provence. We spent most of the day cleaning up from the previous night and packing for our departure tomorrow.

We decided to leave a few more things in the storage locker for our return in May, some slippers, a long sleeve polo for David, the little Jambox Bluetooth speaker, and some computer accessories. It will lighten the load when we come back. The remaining food and wine in the fridge will go to Patrick.

We took a midday break and headed into town for lunch, grabbing a sandwich at Café le Progress, then back to work at the mas. Anne and Jay returned after a great day exploring les Baux, and joined us in packing.

A little before seven, we headed down to the Auto Museum near the Orgon roundabout to meet Patrick for wine and a farewell. We took a table inside, ordered a bottle of rosé, and relaxed for a few minutes until Patrick arrived. Pierre, the owner was charming, and brought some light snacks along with the wine. Patrick showed just as we were pouring our first gasses, and joined the party. In short order everyone was laughing and telling stories. Time rolled by, along with a few more bottles of wine, a plate of delicious charcuterie, and another of frites. Pierre gave Anne and Jay a tour of the museum, including a look at his 50s vintage Buick Wildcat convertible. While it would be a centerpiece in any antique auto display, to find one in top condition in France was amazing. He pulled it out of the museum and parked it, saying that he planned to drive it into Eygalières later to hit the café circuit.

Patrick departed, as he had plans later, and Pierre was joined by two young ladies who would be his companions on the pub crawl to come. We finished the last bottle of wine, paid an incredibly small bill, and headed back to the mas for a light snack of jambon sandwiches and leftovers from the previous night, then to bed.




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