Friday, May 15, 2015 — Market day in Eygalières and a visit to St. Remy

Up and puttering around. Finally getting settled in.

Decided to head to Eygalieres for market day, always fun. Found a parking place and strolled into the village. As summer approaches, the market gets bigger, so it now stretched down the road leading into the village.

All the fresh vegetables and fruits are in now, so there were lots of stalls heaped with bright red, yellow, and green peppers, white and green asparagus, lettuces, olives, and much more. We were tempted to buy, as it all looked fabulous, but we won’t be in the mas until tomorrow, so it would be a hassle carting it all to Les Baux and then back the next day. We decided to pass and just strolled around the many booths until we finally decided to take a break at the Café du Centre with a café.

Then it was over to St. Remy for the day to wander around and explore. As usual, parking was an issue, so David passed on trying to find something convenient, dropping me off near the Church and then heading to a lot away from the bustle and walking a bit to join me.

Although it was sunny, the wind was blowing pretty good, and it was cool, so, after strolling a bit, we decided to hop into La Gousse d’Ail  for a light lunch. This is a quirky old restaurant with a terrace in front, ivy-covered walls, a comfortable old dining room, and a large dining area in back with high ceilings and carnival relics dotting the floor. The food is pretty basic, but always reliable.

After relaxing with kirs, I had Daurade and David went with a vegetable lasagna. Both were okay, but on the bland side. A bottle of Ch Romanin rosé was excellent, and – very inexpensive.

After lunch we strolled a bit, noting that there is an art show set for Sunday – a good reason for a return. We then hiked to the parking lot to pick up our car and headed for Maussane. We stopped in town at Fd2, a neat art shop and restaurant just on the edge of the village. We had dined there before with Christine and Philippe, and it was very good, so we thought we’d make reservations for Saturday lunch. The owners used to run Bistrot Mogador, nearby in Fonteville. Franck was the chef and Flo the pastry chef. They opened Fd2 a few years ago, and have developed a nice following. Flo said that the forecast was for strong winds the next day, so I reserved a table inside.

Back to the cave where we did some packing to get ready for our move to the mas tomorrow, then turned in early to shake off the last webs of jet lag.



One Response to Friday, May 15, 2015 — Market day in Eygalières and a visit to St. Remy

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Wish I could come over and have lunch with you two!

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