Sunday, May 17, 2015 — Artistes Show St. Remy

We  love it here. The mas is like home – familiar, warm, and lacking only a small black doggie with supersonic tail wags to make it complete.

We woke to another Chamber of Commerce day in Provence. It was picture-perfect for the art show in St. Remy. By the time we got everything organized in our “home,” and a load of wash in, the morning had almost lapsed, so we decided to grab a bite of lunch first, then stroll the avenue in St. Remy.

For lunch, we chose Café da la Bourse, a favorite of our friends Ari, Yvonne, and Andrea, who we met here last year. We grabbed a table overlooking the art show, and started off with our usual kirs while watching the young children enjoying rides on the carousel across from us. I ordered a poulet with frites, while David had Morue (cod) with steamed vegetables and aoli. Both were terrific. light, simple, and done well. A bottle of Ch Romanin rosé went perfectly with the meal, making for an enjoyable midday.

After lunch we strolled around to peruse the art. Nothing exceptional, but not bad. The paintings ranged from awful to okay, and the ceramics were bright and colorful. We went into 21 Chai next to the Joël Durand chocolate store for a glass of terres blanches rosé. This nice wine bar opened last year, and is doing well. Lots of light snacks with top ingredients like iberico hams, local tapenade, and excellent cheeses. Some people watching, then back to the mas. A light snack, some housekeeping chores, then to sleep.




One Response to Sunday, May 17, 2015 — Artistes Show St. Remy

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    You two seem to like your rose’! Me too!

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