Friday, May 29, 2015 — Last Day in Eygalieres

We woke early to get started on our chores from moving out of our “home” in Provence.

A few loads of laundry, sweeping and cleaning, and starting to pack things up – all were on our agenda. At about 10:30, Guy showed up with the decorators who were hanging new curtains in several of the bedrooms. We chatted about the house, living in Provence, and local gossip while the work was going on, then headed into the village for market day and a few last minute items.

The market was winding down, and we strolled up to our primary objective – the sausage vendor – to get some mini sausages to take home. Of course, they are prohibited in the US so we must smuggle them in. David wraps them in about five layers of foil and plastic wrap, then puts them inside two Hefty bags to foil the sausage-sniffing dogs at the airport. Hopefully, he will get them through Customs without being arrested.

Then, it was off to Bistro l’Aubergine for a final meal with Alex. The weather was perfect, so we sat on the terrace. Christina put a fresh framboise in each of our kirs, which was a nice touch. David ordered a carpaccio for us to split, which I would follow with a wild mushroom and truffle risotto, and David with the thon rouge. Alex continues to step up his food, to the point that we didn’t want to spoil the presentation of the carpaccio by eating it. Alex came out to tell his that he had just had his biggest weekend in years – every table full – and that he was tired but very happy. He and Christina were sad to see us going, but said they looked forward to seeing us in October.

We headed down the road and back to the mas to continue our pre-departure work, then went into the village for a last stay at our table at Café du Centre. Crystelle bade us farewell with a comp round of wine, and said she would look forward to seeing us again soon. With the temperature dropping, we headed back to the mas to load some photos to the blog and have a last, light meal of leftover pasta and a few chunks of aged Comté cheese.

Then it was off to bed. Dialysis in the morning, and a drive to the Avignon gare TGV for our train ride to Paris.



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