Saturday, October 3, 2015 — how many feet in a cubit?

Should have listened more closely to Franck, the weather when we awoke was pretty miserable.

Headed off to dialysis in Salon, where I was greeted by old friends and staff. David went back to Mas de la Rose to pack up, planning to come get me at around 11:30, then head off somewhere for lunch, do some shopping for the mas, and move in.

David returned right on time and we headed back to get our luggage. The weather was getting worse by the minute, so we decided to dine somewhere close by. We parked next to Sous le Micocouliers in Eygalieres because we could see the lights on in the dining room and figured we could hop in pretty quickly. By the time we reached their door, we were both soaked. The rain was getting more intense by the moment, with lightning and thunder crashing continuously.

We had a nice lunch – stuffed zucchini blossoms to start, with lobster ravioli for David and pintade (Guinea hen) for me, with a bottle of Valdition white wine.

While the meal was excellent, and the staff cordial, the weather outside kept getting worse. By the time we left, it was an absolute deluge. We headed to the mas to check in and found they were still cleaning, so relaxed in the living room. At around 6pm, they were done and we headed down to the Intermarche in Orgon to get a few things to last us for a couple of days. The store was flooded in part, and the roads to and from a mess with water and debris.

We headed back to the mas and took some time to set up the computer, unpack, etc., only to find that a leak from the now tropical-storm-like weather had soaked part of the bed in the master bedroom. We grabbed some pillows and blankets and headed for another bedroom, and spent the night listening to howling winds, thunder, and occasional crashes as things unknown crashed into the mas.

Welcome to Provence.


One Response to Saturday, October 3, 2015 — how many feet in a cubit?

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Sounds terrible. Stay safe and dry!

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