Thursday, October 1, 2015 — rain and another dining find

Rain, and lots of it, greeted us when we awoke this morning.

We made the run to the dialysis clinic, and David returned at around 11 to pick me up. The staff is very nice, and the doctor who administers everything gave me his card said that if we would like to come back, get in touch with him and eliminate a lot of paperwork. Hmmm, maybe for next spring?

Once back, I rested for a bit, then it was time to venture into the rain to get some euros and a bite for lunch. We walked about two blocks from the hotel and saw a sign that said Ristorante Aurora 10. Looked nice, so – despite the fact that it was 2 pm – we went in and were seated by a friendly head waiter. This was an old, classic restaurant. High ceilings, stately décor, an attentive staff, and a nice menu. David ordered two kirs, but got mostly blank stares except from one waiter who knew it was cassis and white wine. We ordered a bottle of Jermann chardonnay and the waiter appeared with a bottle of cassis with just a few drops left, aged to a dark brown to boot. Not wanting to be rude, we let them pour us the wine and cassis. We then took a gander at the menu. Nice selections. I ordered linguine with clams, and David had Bresaola to start, followed by buccatini amatriaciana. Both were excellent, and the service friendly and gracious. We marked this down as another spot to come back to, bade our farewells, and hustled back to the Sofitel to get out of the rain.

For our final night, we headed up to la Terrasse for a light bite and some drinks. They served us two comp flutes of Champagne, which we followed with a glass of wine. We were still full from lunch, so just nibbled on the bar snacks and then headed off to bed.


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