Saturday & Sunday, October 17-18, 2015 — Home

After a quick dash to Paris Gare de Lyon on the TGV, we arrived at our customary home in Paris, the Hotel Le Lavoisier. We were greeted by Ludovic, the manager, who spent some time bringing us up-to-date on everything at the hotel and with his family. Then, after briefly settling in, we headed off for a quick bite.

Having had terrific food everywhere on our trip, we decided for our last night just to munch on a pizza at the nearby Café Michelangelo. Pretty basic, but really all we needed, as we had an early trip to CDG in the morning.

The next morning we were off for a smooth ride to CDG, easy check in for our flight, and a nice ride to Miami. After passing through Immigration and Customs, we were on our way home to little Lucy, who exploded with tail wags and cries when we arrived. Amazing how important the love of a little dog can be in your life.

Monday is a dialysis day, and we have house guests coming in on Tuesday, so we spent the bulk of our Sunday doing a bit of shopping and getting everything in order, and then turned in.

Our trip was a delight, although we are finding the rigors of International travel are becoming more tiring each year. We loved being back in Rome, one of our favorite destinations, and treasured our new dining finds. Hopefully others among our family and friends can share them in the future.

Provence and our little village home are always a delight. We have made dear friends there and always enjoy going back. Fewer excursions now, but we have seen most of what we like to see, and return to the spots we enjoy.

Now it is time to settle in and enjoy celebrating my birthday with Suzanne. We’ll also have fun seeing David’s sister and brother-in-law who will be in Miami visiting his daughter and granddaughter but come up to spend a few days with us. We have planned a few things for their stay and also are hosting GuitarFest III a dinner get together with two friends of Anne’s who play guitar/bass and enjoy jamming with David.

Adieu, for now. Thanks to all of you who have followed our blog on this trip. We hope you enjoyed it, and the photos we post on Flickr.

Bev and David


One Response to Saturday & Sunday, October 17-18, 2015 — Home

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Happy Birthday! Have to email you our new contact information.

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