Monday – July 11th, 2016 – Lazy summer with visits from friends and family

Summer arrived with hot weather, some torrential rainstorms, typical Florida fare.

David’s nephew Matthew, his fiancé Donna, and son Jack arrived in early June for a week’s vacation in Florida. They got a fabulous room and rate at the Boca Resort. They spent time with Anne & Jay and Darren and Misha, and came to the house one night for a small get together. Matt sent some excellent wines from O’Brien vineyards out, and we managed to polish all of them off. While some storms interfered with plans for a cruise on the Intracoastal, they were able to spend time in Delray and at the Club and seemed to enjoy their stay.

Midweek the same week, two of David’s bandmates from college days showed up for a few days of jamming. The living room was transformed into a studio, with amps, guitars, mics, etc. They got in a few hours of practice every day, and sounded pretty good by the time Saturday rolled around. Most of the songs were new stuff that they wanted to play that didn’t fit in with the ‘traditional’ Pineapples tunes. On Saturday, we had a dozen or so people drop by for food and a few songs. The music was a hit, with folks in the living room singing along with For What It’s Worth, Garden Party, and more. Lots of fun. Once again, the food vaporized. A five lb tenderloin consumed to the last morsel, along with an entire lasagna! It was a fun night for everyone.

This last weekend, Mark Powley, an old friend from industry days, drove over from the west coast of Florida, where he now lives. Mark had a big role in David’s career, both with the launch of PERQ, and then going into the world of publishing, so it was special to see him, and meant a lot. His son Steven drove him over, and has turned out to be an exceptional young man. It was a delight seeing them both, with hours of storytelling and recollections that were wonderful. We hope to see more of Mark in the future.

Not much happening for the balance of summer until we head back to Eygalieres. We’re looking forward to the trip and time. It’s always a special place. We’ll spend three days in Paris before heading south, and are looking forward to seeing our favorite city again.

We’ll be going to California in late December, just before Christmas, to celebrate Matt and Donna’s wedding. We’ve booked a room in Sonoma, near where the reception will take place, and will spend a few days in the wine country. It’s a chance to see all of David’s nephews, as well as his sister and her husband, so will be an enjoyable trip. Anne and Jay will make the trip as well, but unfortunately Darren and Misha have conflicts and can’t get time off, so won’t be able to join in.


That’s it for now.  More news when our trip to France gets closer.



One Response to Monday – July 11th, 2016 – Lazy summer with visits from friends and family

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Lets get together when you come to California!!! Please stay save when you go off to France! Hugs Kitty

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