Thursday — August 25, 2016 — Two weeks and counting…busy Fall to come

We went to David’s doc yesterday for his monthly check and to arrange to get his meds for September. Good news, all continues to be stable. Of course, David had to ask him about a minor (.05 ) increase in one value, whether we might add a drug to his regimen to try to get the most important value to zero…all things we have gone over before. Dr. Brenner was terrific, handled it all well, I guess he deals with similar stuff a lot, but David can be a lot to handle.

In any event, that’s the last okay we needed before France. We leave two weeks from today — three days in Paris at the Lavoisier where we have stayed for over a decade. A dinner on our arrival night at Crom Exquis, a wonderful Burgundian restaurant just down the block that was opened by Pierre Meneau, the son of a Michelin 3-star chef. Always a great meal, made better by knowing all the staff for several years. The next night is tough in Paris, as few restaurants are open on weekends. Never figured out why — with Paris a major tourist destination with thousands of people looking to dine out — everyone closes. I guess it’s a French thing. In any event, David found another good bet just down the Boulevard, Loiseau Rive Droite, which occupies the space formerly occupied by the classic Tante Lousie. Bernard Loiseau was a Michelin 3-starred chef from Burgundy until his death a few years ago. His team has carried on, and expanded into Paris. The menu looks terrific, so we will go on Saturday. If it’s good, we’ll book for 24 September with Anne and Jay when we return to Paris from Avignon.

David has all else arranged (sometimes having an OCD husband is a blessing) — town car in Paris, trains, car rentals, shopping list for Mas, Euros sent over to a friend who will give them to us when we arrive, dialysis in Paris and Salon… We arrive in Avignon on Monday, pick up the car, and head for the Mas. Anne and Jay arrive on Saturday, and have a list of places they want to visit picked out — Nimes, Avignon, Bandol and surrounding area on the coast, Aix-en-Provence, maybe a few more (Aigues Morte?) Our friends know we are coming. We will get together with them once we arrive.

Getting my packing list ready. It is always nice to pack for Eygalieres. Having a washing machine and dryer means we can wash stuff there and only need to pack for 5-7 days. We’ll have the computer set up, so look for the blog to go active with news from France on Tuesday the 13th.

Things don’t slow down when we get back. David has to fly to NYC on Tuesday, two days after our return to attend a Hall of Fame meeting — get things rolling for the 2017 Awards Dinner. Up and back the same day. Having Anne help him has been a blessing. The Hall of Fame board is impressed with Anne’s organizational skills. One of the agency CEOs tried to hire her. Hopefully she can take over more from David next year.

Then in October, we are flying to Las Vegas for three days. October 8th is Katherine’s birthday, and with mine is on the 16th, so we decided it would be fun to fly to Vegas to see the Elton John show. We’ll see Katherine and Tom, along with her three boys — Andy, Tim, and Matt — with their spouses. Being in the music biz, Andy knows the guy who manages the show, so will be arranging tickets for us. We’re booked for a dinner at Michael Mina in the Bellagio, one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. Should be a blast, if we don’t lose too much on the slots.

Mid-November, Tim, Alexis, and family are trying to schedule some time with the kids in Boca. Tim is playing in the Chris Every celebrity tennis tournament again, but their time is booked solid for that when they are here, so they are trying to come early this year with the kids — see Alexis’ family, spend some time with Uncle D, etc. Hope it all works out.

Thanksgiving with the kids should be fun. Always my favorite meal of the year with all the traditional New England sides. Of course, David’s background is waspy, so he considers Thanksgiving to be turkey, mashed potatoes, and peas. Fat chance. Anne and Jay, and Darren and Misha like to come over to help me prep and cook, so it’s always a fun holiday. David always picks out great wines — he is good for a few things.

On to December. In addition to Christmas (need to start shopping), we are flying to California around the 20th to attend Matt and Donna’s wedding celebration in Sonoma. We’ll spend some extra time there and do some wine tasting. Hope also see our friends Fred and Kitty Mann, and maybe Bill Calderwood, David’s guitar buddy from college days. Anne and Jay will be there, but Darren and Misha cannot come as she has no time off at that time of year and Darren will be in the middle of a big project. Then, it’s back for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

January will be a bit of a breather, except for getting ready for the Hall of Fame Dinner. The Super Bowl Party is on February 5th this year.  It is always a lot of work, but now that Jay and his buddy Dave Pavek have taken it over, it is a lot less work. They will again be upgrading the menu — Burgers will be replaced by Porcetta sandwiches, Hanger steak sandwiches, pulled pork sliders. My only contributions will be a couple of sides and my chili. The menu is still in flux, but people are already asking (and the season has yet to start.) Always a great time with the food, wine, and betting pools.

The Hall of Fame will be on the 9th at the Pierre. A lot of work, but always a great time…300 people in black tie honoring those who founded and built the industry, the great ads, and more. Always good to see old friends from the industry. Anne and Jay and Darren and Misha came last year, and seemed to have a great time in NYC and at the Dinner. Was nice that they got some insight into what their father did in the industry.

After that, we have a quiet March and early April until heading for Rome after Easter.

Whew. Lots of stuff, but it’s good were not sitting around.

I hear rustling upstairs, so David must be packing…



One Response to Thursday — August 25, 2016 — Two weeks and counting…busy Fall to come

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    We are around in December!!! Look forward to seeing you too!!!! Hugs

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