Tuesday — September 13, 2016 — a new luncheon and cheese discovery, right in town.

6:30 am brought the chimes of David’s Galaxy alarm clock. I slept like a rock, so hopped up and we were on our way down the familiar route to the dialysis center in Salon de Provence. We were just before all the school and business traffic, so got there on time. Otilia, who has been the head nurse and our contact for many years, has been promoted and is now running the center in Aix-en-Provence, but Fabien, who I had met previously has stepped up and is doing a good job. As usual, I am put in a private room, which is great, but not necessary. It’s a general precaution for folks from outside France who might be bringing in new bugs, but I give them tests for HIV and the like, so I should be okay. In any event, I feel like I have VIP treatment and the staff is wonderful.

David showed up at 11:30 to pick me up, and – after scraping a few bumpers getting out of the lot – we were on our way home. David had stowed most of our gear and set up the computer, so we only needed to stock the fridge with a few items and we are set for a week. Tomorrow we’ll do some wash, but for now, all is set.

It is very dry. The bushes and trees are coated with dust, and there is no green grass anywhere. We are told there has been no significant rain for four months. They are supposed to have a few showers while we are here, and we’re hoping that will help, but today is sunny and warm.

For lunch we headed into Eygalieres to a tiny new spot on the main street – Chez Paulette. It adjoins a wonderful new cheese shop – Fromagerie Emily – and has a simple, but appealing menu. We grabbed two chairs and relaxed with our kirs. We agreed on splitting a truffle Brie from the cheese shop, with fresh figs. It was incredibly good, so we made a note to hop into the cheese shop to get some for the house – maybe with some aged Comté. A carafe of local rosé went perfectly with my tagliatelle with fresh vegetables and David’s marinated tuna. The meal was very light and refreshing, a departure from the usual Boca more is better philosophy (12 oz burgers, etc.)

As all of the stores are closed until 4pm, we went home and relaxed until 5:30, then returned to shop. David grabbed a baguette at the new boulangerie (disappointing – we’ll keep going to the one down the road.) We got the Brie, some Comté, and some sausages at Emily’s, then popped in to the charcuterie to buy a farm chicken and some ham. I went in to the alimentaire (general store) for stuff to go with the chicken (onions, garlic, potatoes, etc.,)  plus mayo and the wonderful Amora mustard everyone uses. Two bottles of Chateau Romanin rosé rounded out our shopping duties, so we hopped into Café du Centre for some wine.

We were disappointed to find the same (or similar) group of youth making way too much noise at the main table. Tomorrow, we’ll head down the street to another one of the cafés which has a more mature crowd.

Dinner was a baguette with local jambon and Emmenthal cheese, plus a dab of Amora Dijon mayo. It was just right. We turned in and looked forward to another day in Provence tomorrow.



2 Responses to Tuesday — September 13, 2016 — a new luncheon and cheese discovery, right in town.

  1. Betty says:

    Hello dear friends, so happy to hear you are in one of your favorite places! Jack and I always remember the wonderful times we had with you there. Stay well and happy……❤️😘

  2. Joan kennett says:

    We are so happy for you both tobe
    Able to travel and have such a wonderful time you deserve it!! Just think your first trip to France was with us and what a great trip it was and many more to follow!! Just enjoy it all!! Love hearing from you!!! 💕

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