Saturday — September 17, 2016 — A lazy Saturday, and Anne & Jay arrive

Saturday dawned grey and gloomy.

We drove to Salon for dialysis, passing the parking lots of Senas, filled with panel trucks preparing for the day’s market of flowers and vegetables.

All went smoothly with dialysis, and a bit before noon, David picked me up to head home. The weather was dodgy – occasional patches of sun followed by grey overcast. We stopped at the Boulangerie at the Orgon roundabout to pick up some things for Anne & Jay’s arrival, and  Sunday breakfast. They have Tropezienne in the boulangerie, which is one of the great desserts of the region, a custard-like pie filled with cream and other delights, but we skipped it in favor of pain au chocolat, chocolat mini-beignets, and sacristain.

The car smelled wonderful as we pulled out of the boulangerie and headed down the back road to Domaine Valdition. The vineyard was having a promotion – buy 10 bottles of one rosé and get two free, so we went with 10 of the cuvee Batoniere and loaded the trunk with 12 bottles. In short order, we were home and loading our stash into the fridge.

For lunch we headed into town and grabbed a table at Chez Paulette. We figured we could get something light. David went with a tartare de boeuf while I had a Caesar salad with chicken. It was perfect, excellently done and not too heavy

We tidied up the mas while Anne and Jay fed us a stream of texts documenting their progress in getting to Eygalieres. Just before six, they rolled down the driveway. They took a few moments unpacking their car and stowing their stuff, then we sat in the kitchen for a glass of wine and some sausages while they unwound. A bit before eight, we headed into town for a wonderful meal at Aubergine.

After a nice time catching up on everything and making plan for the next day, we headed back to the mas and turned in.



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