Monday — September 19, 2016 — A Spectacular Day, an Anniversary, and a Trip to the Coast

Today is our anniversary. Nineteen years of wonderful times.

David tied to send me an e-card, but email woes prevented it from getting through.

The day was gorgeous, so we decided to drive to the coast and visit some of the idyllic seacoast villages.

Into the C5 and off we went. We had been there many times before, so really didn’t need much map reading to get there. About 40 minutes on the AutoRoute brought us to Aix-en-Provence. Anne and Jay made a note of the exit and filed it away under places to visit later this week. Then, we continued down the A52 to Aubagne, Cassis, and beyond. Traffic was light, and the driving easy.

We paid our toll at the Cassis Peage and headed east with views of a sparkling Mediterranean and clear blue skies. We decided to exit at St. Cyr-sur-Mer, where our friends the Refaberts have a vacation home where we have stayed several times. It’s a pretty little resort town, and the drive along the coast through Bandol would be more interesting than blazing down the AutoRoute. Palm trees and villas lined our route, very pretty, and soon we were ready to turn off for Sanary-sur-Mer, one of the most charming of the seacoast villages. The road along the harbor front was closed, so David wound us through the back streets and to the Esplanade parking area. Soon the C5 was safely huddled in a parking spot and we were strolling past the park, the carousel, and then on to the harbor.

It was a Chamber-of-Commerce day. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was near perfect. All of the boats in the harbor looked like they had just been cleaned for a photo shoot. As we strolled along the harbor, with colorful boats bobbing beside us, we spotted a wonderful doggie, whom we named The Harbormaster. This adorable little guy was clearly in charge of everything, scurrying to and fro, checking out the other dogs, very busy. We strolled down the harbor to the Hotel de la Tour and grabbed a table on the shaded terrace. The fish was fresh, service cordial, and setting perfect, with views of the entire harbor. Anne had loup de mer (sea bass), Jay and I the turbot, and David fresh caught wild prawns. For a wine, David opted for a Domaine Tempier Bandol rosé which was wonderful. A leisurely lunch, more photo shoots, and then we wound our way to the C5.

The drive back was easy, about an hour and a half. We headed to St. Remy and the Intermarché to pick up a few items, including a poulet jaune (yellow chicken) for dinner. I grabbed a few items in the produce section so we could prepare the chicken properly and make a salad. Jay and David hit the cheese section, and we were on our way home.

Jay and I prepped the chicken. Jay made a salad dressing, Anne and David kept the cheese, wine, and sausage coming, and we had a lot of laughs, especially when David made an impromptu duck’s beak out of the Pringles that had somehow made it into our shopping basket.

The meal was perfect, and every morsel disappeared. Anne did yeomen duty washing the dishes, then we all turned in. Tomorrow is a dialysis day, and Anne and Jay are hoping that the breakfast fairy stops at the house in the morning with more delicious pastries.

What a wonderful day. What a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary.


4 Responses to Monday — September 19, 2016 — A Spectacular Day, an Anniversary, and a Trip to the Coast

  1. Alison says:

    That does sound wonderful. Happy anniversary!

  2. sharon king says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY……..I am so enjoying the blog…..have fun

  3. Kitty Mann says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! Hugs Kitty

  4. Betty says:

    Happy Anniversary 😘

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