Friday — September 23, 2016 — A salad to beat all salads

As always, Friday is market day in Eygalieres.

As we are leaving tomorrow for Paris, we don’t really need anything, but it is always fun to go into town and browse. The four of us went in a bit before noon when the crowds had thinned. Anne & Jay strolled the booths and ended up getting some of the mini-sausages (Buchette) that we love so much. David also got some, so we ended up with a pretty big stash. David also got some saucisson with bleu d’Auvergne cheese, which he tried and found delicious.

We then ended up at the Café du Centre to say goodbye to our friend Crystelle. We polished off a carafe of rosé and were going to head down the street to l’Aubergine for lunch, but Crystelle appeared with another carafe, which she said was on the house, a parting gift, so we dallied and spent a bit more time watching the late crowd and the vendors packing up their booths.

Then it was off to l’Aubergine for a last meal and goodbyes with Alex. The food was terrific, as always, and we got to hear a bit from Alex about the trials and tribulations of moving to the U.S. to open a restaurant. If plans go through, he will open in Southern California (Hermosa Beach) in late 2017. He says he will invite us to the grand opening, which would be fun.

As it was a lazy Friday, we then strolled over to the Café le Progres which has eight beers on tap so that Jay could do some tasting. He has yet to find a really good French beer, but some of the ones he sampled weren’t bad, in his estimation.

As it was now going on late afternoon, it was time to head back to the mas to get a bit of packing done for tomorrow’s departure for Paris.

Rather than go out to dinner, we decided to make a salad and have it with our Hauvette white wine, some of the best in the region. We hard boiled some eggs, sliced jambon and Comté & Emmenthal cheese, cooked up some lardon (bacon), and made a wonderful salad with fresh mini-Bibb lettuce, black olives, and anything else we could find in the fridge. The photo of it in our Flickr account will give you an idea of how it looked. We ate every morsel, with a little truffle Brie and baguette on the side to give it some balance.

Then it was time to turn in.



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