Sunday — September 25, 2016 — Home, with great memories

0930 and we were in the car headed for CDG.

Henner, our driver for all our trips with Barons (great service, by the way) made his way up the Boulevard Malesherbes. Buildings bathed in the morning golden glow made us sad to leave. It is better when you are leaving with rain or gloom.

Henner has been a delight – a terrific driver who forgoes the dash-and-thrash that so many seem to have adopted. Smooth and relaxed makes for a wonderful ride, and Henner knows a wealth about history, and what is going on in Paris, and in France.

We got to CDG with plenty of time and headed for check-in. The usual TSA pre-check and Priority check-in were not available, but the lines were minimal and the staff only marginally curt. We boarded on time, grimaced through the abysmal wines and even worse food, and settled in to try to get some sleep before arriving in MIA.

We arrived a bit early, and got through Customs and Immigration in a flash. The only negative was that our driver had parked about as far from the Immigration exit as possible, so we walked for fully 10 minutes before reaching the car. Then we were off into the swirl of traffic on I95, and scenery quite different from that we had left.

Our memories of this trip were especially fond. Anne and Jay had a terrific time, as did we. The food was wonderful (only one or two among those who follow our blog did not enjoy the write-ups and photos,) the visits to sites nearby to the mas ranged from the beauty of the coast to the history of Nimes and the Pont du Gard. We enjoyed seeing friends and enjoying the comfort of the mas, which has become like a second home after more than a decade of stays. We hope to be back next September if conditions allow, and our reservation is already penciled in on the books.

There is so much to enjoy in France. There are foibles, of course – the erratic opening and closing hours of stores and restaurants, the confusion and red tape at the hospital in Salon, the constant upheavals in Paris that leave create massive traffic jams almost daily – but, these are a small price to pay for the charm, beauty and history, and the warmth of most of the French people that we have met.

After a second stay, Anne and Jay are beginning to feel at home, especially in Provence. They plan their activities. find their way, and handle the unexpected. It is a delight to have them with us and see them enjoying everything. David is doing his best to pass on his knowledge to them, and they are soaking it up.

For those of you who have followed and enjoy the blog, please let us know.

Our next trip will be in just a few weeks, to Las Vegas to see Elton John and celebrate my birthday along with David’s sister Katherine’s. The entire Olyphant clan will be there, so it should be a great time. We hope you tune us in and follow along.


2 Responses to Sunday — September 25, 2016 — Home, with great memories

  1. sharon king says:

    I have enjoyed every day of your trips and look forward to you next venture. THANK YOU, Sharon

  2. Kitty man says:

    Catching up on my email just ❤️ your blogs

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