Wednesday — Oct 12, 2016 — Off to Las Vegas to see family and (Sir) Elton John

Off tomorrow to Las Vegas.

David’s sister Katherine is a big Elton John fan, so when one of her sons asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday (Oct 8th), she said she wanted to see and Elton John show. Some quick checking found that he would be performing this week in Las Vegas, at Caesar’s Palace, and an invite went out to her boys and siblings to see if they were interested in getting together in Vegas to see the show. As my birthday is Sunday, it turned into a joint birthday party. Anne and Darren couldn’t make it, but we joined in, along with all three of Katherine’s boys.

With the always present dialysis needs fed into the travel equation, going to see a show on Saturday night – for us – meant traveling out on a Thursday, dialysis locally on Friday, and home on Sunday. Some time to let the slots gobble up my money, a superb meal at Michal Mina – a favorite with their delectable lobster pot pie – and some time with Katherine and the Olyphant boys will fill the hours.

We are staying at Caesars Palace, which will be our first time there. We normally like to stay at Bellagio, maybe because we stayed there the first time we went to Vegas. We will see Katherine and Tom tomorrow for cocktails, then dinner at Todd English’s Olives. Friday we’ll probably have lunch somewhere nice with K & T, then I head off for dialysis. David will pick me up around 7:30 and we’ll head to Bellagio and dinner at Michael Mina. The Olyphant boys all arrive Saturday, so we’ll assemble at Caesars for some fun, then hit the show. Being in the music business, Andy Olyphant has arranged great tickets for the show, so we should have a great time. Afterwards, I’m sure we’ll have a drink or two before turning in so we can catch our early morning flight home.

We’re looking forward to our visit and the show. We’ll let you know how it went with a post on Monday.



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