Saturday – April 22, 2107 – Hello Rome. Hello confusion.

Up at 4:30 so we can get started to my dialysis clinic. It’s not the same one as last time, so we wanted to leave some extra time to get there. In case of confusion.

And there was some. We arrived at the building – 28 Vicolo Toscalono – but it was dark with the security screens drawn over the doors.  Called the doctor – no answer. Finally, someone hopped out of a car and opened the screen over the entrance. Seems when they say my appointment is at 0530, they mean that’s when they open. In short order, other patients and staff started arriving. It didn’t take long to find that no-one spoke English, including the staff. Fresenius had told David that the Clinic was “English Speaking,” but obviously, it wasn’t.

Issue #2 was with the town car that took us there, as the driver understood that he was to drop (both of) us off and someone else would come at 9 to pick (both of us) up and return to the Minerva, meaning David would be left sitting in the lobby for four hours. David finally convinced him to wait and then take him back, but he had another appointment, so soon was nagging David that he either had to leave to go back or stay the four hours.

David returned to the Minerva, and at 0845 got a call from the Concierge that a car would be at the Clinic at 9:00 to pick me up and bring me back to the Minerva. David explained that the car was supposed to pick him up at the Minerva, come get me, and return. This caused a flurry of activity rescheduling the car, but all went well, and soon we were both back at the Minerva. Hopefully the rest of our sessions go smoother.

After a short nap we headed to the Piazza for a glass of wine and a light snack before Katherine and Tome arrived. Just some focaccia and olive oil. Then we strolled back to hotel to meet The Wrights. We were all still jet-lagged, so ended up just having some wine and a light snack in the lobby bar before turning in.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Harry’s for Bellini’s, then the Sofitel rooftop for lunch, before Darren and Misha arrive on the train from Venice.

A nice, casual day in Rome.



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