Thursday – April 20, 2017 – Friday April 21, 2017 – Off to Rome

The day has finally arrived for our long awaited trip to Rome.

We’ll be meeting Darren and Misha there as they finish up there cruise of the Greek Isles, and Katherine and Tom, who will be flying out from California.

We left for Ft. Lauderdale and the first leg of our trip at around noon. Our flight to Charlotte left right on time and arrived on the dot with plenty of time to make our connection to Rome, which was at a distant gate.

We boarded our A330 Airbus and settled into our seats, which were the new design BizClass…very spacious and comfortable. Took off on time and headed for Roma.  The meal choices were pretty dismal, but we both settled on the Salmon, ate, and tried to get some sleep. The flight arrived a bit late in FCO (Rome), but we were soon on our way through Immigration and Customs  and then on to meet our driver who was taking us to Minerva.

Unlike our last trip in Rome, our driver did a nice job at reasonable speeds, and we were soon at the Minerva, ready to check in. Our room was on the fifth floor, with views of the adjacent square and Pantheon, and was very comfortable. We got a short nap, then a light snack, and turned in early, as tomorrow is my first dialysis day in Rome.



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