Thursday, September 14, 2017 – Goodbye Irma, hello France

Well, we made it through Irma, but not without a lot of anguish and damage. We lost some trees, and the yard is a mess, but no damage to the house.

After two smooth days on generator power, everything fell apart. The generator stopped, probably because we ran out of propane, but we’re not sure. Florida Public Utilities was a dismal failure in getting propane deliveries to customers, so we ended up with no power, and no Internet. The house was hot and muggy, as there was not a breath of air.

After two days we were off to France, leaving FP&L, FPUC, to get our power back on. Anne, Darren, and Suzanne did yeoman duty in getting things organized, and hopefully we can get everything repaired and running right when we return.

Our flight to Paris was delayed for two hours, but we picked up an hour head wind so only arrived an hour behind schedule. Limo took us to Gare de Lyon where we had a snack, then headed to Avignon on the TGV. Picked up our car, an Audi A4 wagon, and headed to St. Remy for a short shopping spree at the Intermarche.

Then it was off to the mas, with a brief detour at Café de Centre for a glass of rose and a visit with Crystelle.

Tomorrow our stay begins.



One Response to Thursday, September 14, 2017 – Goodbye Irma, hello France

  1. Kitty man says:

    Glad to hear you are okay safe travels!

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