David and Beverly Gideon are former publishers of leading travel magazines for the Caribbean, as well as business-to-business magazines in the US healthcare field.

They combine their love of travel with the desire to pass information on to others to make their travel more enjoyable.

This blog is designed to share information on travel experiences.

We hope the content is of value, and welcome your comments.


6 Responses to About

  1. SHARON KING says:

    I love the blog……………great writing……Love your translation of Madam Mafiosa!

    I will check in often………………Love, Sharon

  2. Bobbie says:

    It looks like you should have taken Lucy with you to be able to tell whether the bird is alive or artifical.

  3. Lauren Hill says:


    It was lovely meeting you at the cocktail party in New York on Tuesday. ( I was selling the books at the table!)

    I wish you all the best during your travels. Hope to return to the la grande citta Firenze presto!

    ciao Bev! In bocca al lupo!

  4. Jay Moore says:

    Hi David and Bev! I just came across your blog and have subscribed…very interesting lives you lead. Would you mindi f I contacted you for some advice? I’m trying to plan a first-ever trip to Provence for my sister (who has been on dialysis for about a year now). Just thinking that you guys might be able to recommend clinics in the area, or know of ones to avoid. Any help greatly appreciated, I’m not finding a lot of resources so far! Thanks, Jay

  5. Diane & Dennis Hearse says:

    We are both still high on our attendance at the Pinnapples reunion concert with constant flashbacks to the food of the gods as prepared by Bev ( the charming lass who actually invented the concept of refined cooking ) . Enjoy your adventures cause you both deserve every intriguing moment. Diane & Dennis (eh)

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